Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blog Notes: What We’re Working on/Obsessing/Jingling About

Yes, I know, I managed to change the profile pic here on our blog without posting anything new. There’s just been lots of running around lately (really!). Fuggedaboudit!

Latest Tart: Peach Feta Arugula.

We’re having a great season testing out various fruit flavors at the farmer’s market, I love this flavor combo, but it’s not selling as well as the Strawberry Goat Basil Cheese one did. Looks like it’s time to work on a new flavor.

Latest obsession.
Business cards from Moo arrived! Great way to extend you marketing with a noteworthy product shot.

Latest project: Holiday 2010
Yes, while most of you are planning your last summer get away, we have holiday 2010 projects to plan for. There’s forecasting, labor allocation estimates and cost analysis galore going on in spreadsheets behind the scenes.

I know I’m not alone in this, I started out an email to one vendor we work with quoting the lyrics from “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”  - he answered with the next stance (There'll be parties for hosting / Marshmallows for toasting/And caroling out in the snow).  We all like to eat during the holidays, figuring out how much we’ll all be merrily consuming takes some planning.

So that’s the latest from our corner of tart world. Still waiting on word for tomatoes, they’ve been waylaid by our non-conformist la nina weather pattern this year. And if tomatoes are this late…I can only imagine when our first butternut squash will arrive! 


  1. Well I liked the peach tart.

  2. Strawberry goat basil cheese? Not strawberry basil goat cheese? :) Regardless, it sounds delicious!