Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Data Geek (or For Once, It's Not My Math!)

I like data, which is interesting for someone who failed badly at math in school.
Unlike my dislike of calculating distances/points/planes/lines to get from x to y (or some days, just simple addition), data gives me answers right off the bat. Basically, someone else did the math and I get to review the outcome.

Mostly I am referring to our various web-tracking services. In running any business, you can never have too much information. For this case, I’m interested in how people are looking at our website and reading our blog (yes even you, good friends!).

Information such as how much time someone is spending and what content they’re looking at while visiting us helps form plans for updating our content (yes, it’s probably time) as well as the types of content users (which could be customers or potential clients) are looking for.

I consider our website a constant work in progress (much like owning anything else) some projects get taken care of and some languish (erm, sorry about the farmers market calendar this year folks!).

However, the average visitor spends 1.5 minutes/90 seconds on our site looking at an average of three pages (I filter out bots like search engines, so it’s not all Google downloading our site). The industry “norm” is about 30 seconds. Yeah, I am awed and impressed.

I also enjoy where visitors are coming from (esp. outside the US). Hello Finland, Australia and Japan!  There’s been many a week when I’ve walked into our kitchen and said “who knows someone in absolutely-no-clue-where-this-is Minnesota?” No one? Cool! Wonder how they found us…

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